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Using video is the best way to increase conversion rates on mortgage landing pages.

I think we can all agree it is easier and more enjoyable to watch a video about a product or service than it is to read about it. We encourage you to use videos on landing pages and other website pages to help increase conversions. We do it on almost all of ours and it works. There are many benefits of using video on landing pages for mortgage advertising.

If you are currently running paid ads for your mortgage business you need to see these statistics.

Please check out this article from BLULEADS. There is great information on how to structure your landing pages. One that jumped out to me is having videos on a landing page can increase conversions up to 86% according to eyeview.

After reading that article here are some items you can act on quickly and really improve your landing pages.

  1. Have a relevant video.
  2. Keep lead form short. Limit the fields.
  3. Do not have links to other websites.
  4. The headline is extremely important. Make it the first thing they see.
  5. Include reviews from clients.
  6. Include your address and phone number.
  7. Test on a mobile device before launching.
  8. Only have 1 offer on the page.

I know people get a little shy when it comes to making videos.

I promise it gets easier once you do it a few times. The first few videos I made for Vonk Digital felt ridiculous. It would take me a full day to make a simple 60 second video. The other day I made a 7 minute video in about 3-4 takes. So it does get easier, the video I made for this post only took 1 take. You can also cut and splice the videos, they do not need to be perfect.

You only need a cellphone and tripod

I have a lot of fancy camera equipment and mics but you can get by using your cellphone and a tripod. Just make sure you have the phone setup horizontally and stand close enough to it to get decent audio.

This tripod comes with a cell phone holder: Sunpak Ultra 7000TM Tri-Monopod (Black). I use this same one for my DSLR camera.

Plan and edit

Get a white board. Put it behind the camera and write down a few of the points you want to talk about. This is a huge help. Then you can use an editor like Camtasia to easily edit your video with an intro and music.

Using a video will increase conversions, keep visitors on the page longer, and build trust. People who watch a video of you will remember that more than reading some text.

If you are new to using video on landing pages for mortgage advertising here is my advice when starting out.

  1. Keep the videos short.
  2. Do not worry about perfection.
  3. Use a script.

If you need help reach out to me. Thanks for reading!

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