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Our collection of videos and articles written by the Founders, Anthony and Vinnie.

video reviews
Why You Should Consider Using Video Testimonials

Today, almost everyone researches online before purchasing a product or service. The reason, in part,…

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business reviews
The Importance of Google My Business Reviews for Your Mortgage Business

Expanding your reach as a mortgage broker or loan officer is not an option if…

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Using your mortgage website with Google My Business.

Did you know that you can post articles on your Google My Business page with…

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holding phone with google-search
Should I get a paid SEO service for my mortgage business?

At Vonk Digital we have been providing an SEO service to our clients for about…

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What is your mortgage supermarket?

I don't know if you guys drink beer, but there's this beer company in San…

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Mortgage Marketing Online Starts With This Simple Foundation

It’s safe to say the world has changed this year. I was on a call…

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The Shift in the Mortgage Industry

When Anthony had his own mortgage company he and his partners often tried to mimic…

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Trends and Data That Show Where Your Borrowers Are

Let's look at some data from NAR, McKinsey, and the CFPB regarding consumer buying behaviors…

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5 ways Cover Image
5 Ways your Mortgage Website is Repelling Your Visitors

We are going to jump right into this. There is a lot of information below…

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Dig the Well Before You Are Thirsty

Hey, guys. Anthony with Vonk Digital here. I'm just looking at an article on Seeking…

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The advice and education-based loan originator

As the mortgage industry becomes more efficient, some are concerned that the loan originator position…

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Mortgage branding like a Superhero.

Hey guys, this is Anthony with Vonk Digital. Today I just wanted to talk to…

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