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Be The Leading Mortgage Originator in Your Market

“How I Quadrupled My Mortgage Business NET Profits From
$497,133 to $2,253,969…In Just 12 Months!”

Vonk Digital, The website platform for mortgage originators.

Hi, my name is Anthony Balsamo, and these figures are from my last mortgage company, where my partners and I increased our net revenue by over 4.5 times in one year. (Company was sold in late 2018)

Notice the jump in net earnings from $497k to over $2.2 million in the screenshot, which is from our audited financial statement.

I share this to show you that I have been in your shoes as an originator and as a mortgage company owner. I was the first client of Vonk Digital and this was the first year we switched. 

Keep reading because I want to explain a shift that happened in the market that has created an opportunity for you and how our mortgage website and marketing platform can help you position yourself for success for years to come.

Let me ask you...

Are you:

an expert local mortgage originator…responsible for generating your own business?
Competing with the new, venture-backed digital lenders that are trying to make your position in the market obsolete by completely digitizing the mortgage process?
Struggling with how to position yourself for the future?
Trying all sorts of the latest marketing techniques (or at least hearing about them)?
Investing in all the newest technology vendors for new tools (shiny objects- I know I do it too!), but it doesn’t feel like you have made any progress other than adding more expenses to your bottom line? 

If you have invested most of your adult life into this crazy industry, it’s pretty scary to think of having to start over in another industry.

The reason you feel this way is that most of the market is still following and teaching the “Old Way” AKA “The Mimic model,” the same model I used to build my mortgage business.

but that way doesn’t work on it’s own anymore

If you checked ANY of the boxes above, you’re not alone.

We understand what you’re going through. Anthony has been there.

$100’s of millions of dollars are pouring into the mortgage “Fintech” market and Digital Lenders with BIG money and tech behind them have launched their own companies.

The big lenders that we once envied and mimicked are up to something.

They are trying to commoditize the mortgage process and put the local originators out of business.

Push Button. Get Mortgage. We all know that one.

The Good News is. The future is bright for those who are paying attention like you.

So what would I do differently in 2020 and beyond if I were you?

The New Way: “Differentiating from”, not “mimicking” the big guys.

The modern mortgage originator is advice and education-based and the “new” way to thrive is by branding yourself.

The best mechanism to brand yourself moving forward is the internet.

And the best platform to do this in the mortgage industry is Vonk Digital.

Build Your Brand, Authority & Credibility.

Using Our All-In-One Mortgage Website Platform

The fastest and most effective way to take control of your mortgage business is with an online storefront and web presence that…

Grabs Attention
Instills Confidence in Your Prospects
Captures High Quality Leads
Positions You As the TRUSTED Mortgage Advisor
Helps you Educate and Communicate
And soooooo much more…

“In a world of technology and evolution, Vonk is a stand out. They understand the needs of their clients to have state-of-the-art, attractive, interactive, and functional solutions that will represent the professionals working with them in the greatest and most current light. Their onboarding is simple and effective and their product affordable with tremendous value. In ending, their culture is a fit for the sales mindset as well, and that may be more important than anything regarding their product. A no-brainer website solution!

Christine L Beckwith

President & Founder, 20/20 Vision for Success Coaching
30 year Banking Executive
Best Selling & Award Winning Author
Sought after Speaker
Journalist & Special Correspondent
Co-Host of Mortgage X Podcast

Easily establish business credibility when prospects and referral partners google you!

Generate Leads with your own customizable “journey forms”. Your own mortgage funnels!

Build trust and 5-star reviews with our results-driven system.

Brand Yourself and use the platform as a way to humanize you, your business, and your process. Differentiate from the Faceless Tech Lenders.

Amplify your message across multiple social channels with video, downloads, and blogs hosted on your site

Embrace the freedom to be different.

Attract your ideal clients.
Drag n’ drop. Plug n’ play. Simple.
Changes to your site are a snap!
Setting the standard for mortgage website design since 2011
imac background
Grabs Attention
Allows you to be unique
Instills Confidence in Your Prospects
Captures High Quality Leads
Positions You As the TRUSTED Mortgage Advisor
Helps you Educate and Communicate
The mortgage industry is changing.
It’s time to change with it.

We’re Just Like You

Co-Founder Anthony Balsamo was a hugely successful mortgage broker and lender for 15 years, owning a national mortgage company.

So Anthony understands high level marketing and what it takes to grow and scale a mortgage business.

He knows what it’s like to thrive in a crappy market AND how to differentiate himself from the big mortgage tech companies.

In 2018, Anthony sold his business and recently joined his brother and Cofounder, Vinnie, at Vonk Digital. Vinnie has been the country’s #1 mortgage website and platform specialist for the past 9 years.

Vinnie leads a brilliant team of designers, tech mavericks, and customer care specialists ready to serve you.

Anthony and Vinnie bring the best of both worlds together so you get an insider’s advantage when it comes to creating an online mortgage presence that’s second to none.

Getting Started Is Super Simple

It couldn’t be easier. Get your new high converting website and platform up and running in as little as 1 day.

You have the choice of paying monthly or annually, plus a small one time set-up fee. With annual, you get 2 months free!

You can stop at any time. You’re not locked in to any contracts. No funny business.

The goal is to help you or your company become the #1 leading mortgage originator in your local market.

And if you’re really looking to grow and expand, you can stretch into as many markets as you desire. When you’re online, the world is your oyster.

Homebuyers and visitors to your site will know immediately what you stand for, your values, and most of all, that you CARE. …something the ‘other guys’ can’t compete with.

What to do Next…

Get a 1-on-1 call with Vinnie and get any last-minute questions you have answered.

Skip the line and buy one of our ridiculously underpriced packages. (Don’t worry, if you buy first you still talk to us during your set up stage!)

A Few FAQs

Is there a setup fee?

Yes. We charge a small setup fee.  We pay for many website tools on your behalf and we have to cover those costs.  The setup fee is one time only.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up?

Yes. When you sign up and use a Vonk Digital mortgage website you will need to pick a plan and provide your credit card details.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. If you ever decide that Vonk Digital isn’t the best mortgage website platform for your business, simply contact us to cancel.

How long are your contracts?

We don’t like contracts, so we don’t have them.  All Vonk Digital plans are month to month unless you choose to pay for an annual plan. If you pay annually you are still not tied to a contract. You can leave at anytime.

Do you offer any discounted plans?

Yes, we have a discounted yearly subscription. We also offer discounts should you need multiple websites.

Can I change my plan later on?

Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

What is included in these packages?

All features we offer including the full 1003, landing pages, SEO management tool, and the testimonial builder are available!

Are custom plans available?

Yes! Please contact us (877-297-8055 or and we can put together a quote that best fits your needs.

Unsure which plan is best for you?

Call our sales team at 1-(877) 297-8055

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. Your mortgage site can use an existing domain name that you own, or you can purchase a new domain name.

What are your hosting fees?

Hosting is included in our monthly fee.

Do I need a web host?

No. All Vonk Digital plans include secure, unlimited hosting for your mortgage website. Vonk Digital uses the best servers and networks to ensure your site is reliable and fast.

Do you provide email?

No. Since we are month to month it is best we do not control your email.  We actually would not recommend having your website provider control your email.  Its best to have full control over something this important and have 24/7 support available.

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