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Client Reviews

"Take care of your clients, or someone else will"

Like any business our clients are the foundation of our success.

I'm Vinnie Balsamo
Vinnie Balsamo | Co-Founder

Before starting Vonk Digital I worked in the freight industry where my customer relationships were built on face-to-face interactions. My clients often became my friends. I try to have that same mentality with this business, even though most of us may never meet in person.

The majority of our clients stay with us for years and years. We have seen some of our clients start with a few employees and become national lenders using our platform. That is really awesome to see and we will continue to be here to support all of our clients however we can. 

If you are trying to grow your business and want a trusted partner to build you a modern, easy-to-navigate, website with all the tools and content you need to properly get credit for your expertise we would love to help you too.- Vinnie

Client Reviews
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