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Having your mortgage company on google maps is another way to attract website visitors.

As of today, July 16, 2018 the search term “mortgage broker” gets searched on average 22,200 times per month in the U.S. – That does not include all the variations. The search term “mortgage broker near me” was searched 5,400 times with a 23% increase over the last 12 months. The search term “mortgage lender near me” was searched 2,900 times with 123% increase over the last 12 months. Keep in mind these numbers reflect the general U.S. but they are still very interesting. It is nice to know that the volume of these searches is increasing. Which is why it is important to get your mortgage company on google maps.

Although some of these terms are broad you can still take advantage of them.

What do you think google does when you search “mortgage broker” from your cell phone? It shows a map of the local companies near you. Try that from your cell phone to see if your company shows up in the maps. If you are wondering how to get your mortgage company on google maps then you are in the right place. It is becoming more and more important to show up high in the map section. Google is making it that way.

Here are some immediate steps to take to get your mortgage company on google maps:

  1. Google My Business – You must register your business and location with Google. You can also add posts here, I recommend using this to the fullest.
  2. Facebook – Create a business facebook page.
  3. Twitter – Create a twitter page for your business.
  4. Structured Data for your mortgage website – Any “local business” should implement this on their website. Structured data tells Google things like the name of your business, type of business, physical location, opening hours.
  5. Youtube – Video is now. Google and YouTube are the same company. Get on board before you miss it and find yourself wondering why you didn’t listen to us. All local mortgage brokers should be using a YouTube channel regularly.
  6. Reviews – All client reviews should be sent to Google and Facebook.
  7. Local Citations – Register your business with online local business directories.

Once all these steps are complete you must stay the course. People often give up after not seeing results.

Trust me, this takes a lot of time, I have done it. We didn’t become number one in our space by giving up after 3 blog posts and 1 video. You MUST add content and stick to the plan. You must write new content, post new videos, add pictures, interact on social media. Consistently. Most people will not stay the course. Even if you are just starting out there is a good chance you can pass the top people in your market because they will most likely eventually get lazy.

So create some content! Have a great week!

Vinnie Balsamo

I co-founded Vonk Digital in 2011 after helping my brother and his business partners build a web presence for their small mortgage brokerage. After realizing this was something I really enjoyed doing I was fortunate enough to take this venture on full time and we have been growing ever since!

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