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Did you know that you can post articles on your Google My Business page with images and video? Using this feature is a great way to strengthen your GMB profile and show that you are an active thriving business. We all know that feeling you get when you see a profile that is never updated.

Types of posts for Google My Business

What’s New

This is the one you will use most. If there is anything new with your business or you simply want to share your blog articles use this type of post.


Maybe not as relevant in these times but you can promote your upcoming events.


These are designed to be used for things such as limited sales. Not something most mortgage companies will have to use.


If you had a special loan program you could use this type of post to promote it.

3 Things to have on your Posts

A nice photo or video

Visual additions to your post will always grab more attention than posts with just text. Shutterstock is a good place to purchase photos.

A teaser paragraph

Keep this short, just a few sentences to get some interest. The goal is having them go to your website.

Call To Action

Add the “learn more” button that links back to your website or blog article.

This will take you about 30 seconds once you get good at it. The easiest way to do this is simply use your existing blog posts. If you do not have blogs posting to your website at least once per week then talk to us about our blog service.

The video below walks you through exactly how to do it.

Vinnie Balsamo

I co-founded Vonk Digital in 2011 after helping my brother and his business partners build a web presence for their small mortgage brokerage. After realizing this was something I really enjoyed doing I was fortunate enough to take this venture on full time and we have been growing ever since!

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