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Its time to go mobile friendly.

Having a mobile friendly mortgage website got more important since Google updated its algorithm for searches on mobile phones on 4-21-15.

Google has updated their search algorithm for MOBILE devices ONLY.

What does that mean?

The short answer is people running Google searches from their smart phones, will be served mobile friendly mortgage websites before ones that are not.  Mobile friendly sites actually say “mobile-friendly” next to them in the search results on a smartphone.

***Here is an example

mobile friendly mortgage website

This is a Vonk Digital client.  You will notice under the URL is says “mobile-friendly” – just before the website description.  So this website is all set and will actually be rewarded for being mobile friendly.

If your not sure if you have a mobile friendly mortgage website you can test it HERE.

It will take a few weeks for this to all start effecting people’s websites, however the hour glass has been flipped.

If you are actively trying to increase your Google ranking from mobile device searches on Google then I encourage you to read THIS ARTICLE for more information on what this means.

Click the link to view Vonk Digital’s mobile friendly mortgage website

Vinnie Balsamo

I co-founded Vonk Digital in 2011 after helping my brother and his business partners build a web presence for their small mortgage brokerage. After realizing this was something I really enjoyed doing I was fortunate enough to take this venture on full time and we have been growing ever since!

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