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The ADA is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, including jobs, schools, transportation, and all public and private places that are open to the general public. Websites for businesses that serve the general public are also included. In recent years, lawyers have started suing businesses whose websites are not ADA compliant. There are standards that state web content should be accessible to the blind, deaf, and those who must navigate by voice, screen readers or other assistive technologies.

ADA compliance for mortgage websites and what you can do.

Vonk Digital does not guarantee your website is compliant and assumes no responsibility. We are not the authority on it and are not an “ADA website provider”, if that is even such a thing. We allow for so much client customization it is impossible for us to keep an eye on everyone’s website design.

The good news is, there are a few options available that almost instantly significantly strengthen your compliance or make you fully compliant.

I have researched a few different Accessibility plugins and here are my recommended options.


I spoke with this company and had a demo of their tool. I list this one first since it is the most robust and they claim to actually make you compliant versus just strengthen it. They claim to have 96% success rate for compliance. They have a 7 day free trial, you can sign up on their website and once you have the java script for the tool simply send it to us and we will add to your website.

So if you want to be fully compliant, I recommend –> ACCESSIBE

USERWAY: Cost $0 (we pre-install this on all our websites)

This plugin has always been free to use. It adds some of the same front end tools as the paid ones. There are over 20K active installs on WordPress websites. It claims to “strengthen” compliance however the do not advertise by how much.  My Take: I think for a free plugin this a good option. But technically you are still not 100% compliant.

Vinnie Balsamo

I co-founded Vonk Digital in 2011 after helping my brother and his business partners build a web presence for their small mortgage brokerage. After realizing this was something I really enjoyed doing I was fortunate enough to take this venture on full time and we have been growing ever since!

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