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Vonk Digital releases new product! VonkHome

Introducing Vonk Home! We’re excited to announce that VONKHOME, our super-simple way for you to offer a free high-end webpage to your clients as a closing gift to use to showcase their new home, is ready! VONKHOME allows your clients to create a webpage to share with their family friends and refer you all at the same time!

Think “Wedding Websites” for new home owners. Offer your clients a free web page to share their new home with family and friends.

What are the Features?

You get a branded referral link to give your clients Ability to co-brand/co-market with a realtor Your clients get a high-end web page to share with their network. Friends and Family can comment on the page and share on social media sites. Your client can add photos, edit captions, and share! You are branded as the mortgage professional who helped in the transaction Your clients refer you with every person they share the page with. Current Vonk Digital Clients get the first 10 webpages free!


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