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What Is Responsive Web Design

why-do-you-need-responsive-web-designYour clients are getting spoiled and want your website to look great on their iPhone, tablet, kindle, computers and more! What can you do to keep up? You need a responsive website!

If the term responsive website or responsive web design is new to you don’t worry, in 20 seconds you will have it down and can talk about it intelligently about it at the water cooler. Responsive web design put simply adjusts gracefully on your phone, tablet, kindle, etc! I am sure you have pulled up many websites potentially even your own where they are microscopic when you look at them on your iPhone. This is an example of a non-responsive website. If you are looking to bring your website into the modern age their either needs to be a separate mobile version or ideally responsive design!

Call today to talk to one of our Vonk agents to learn more about building a responsive website with Vonk Digital.

CLICK HERE to see a Responsive Vonk Website!

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