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Content marketing rules the realm

  1. 4 trendsContent is King!

Most people know that constantly creating new web content is important. What they might not know is just how important it is with recent changes by Google. There are 2 key changes that occurred with Google’s new release in 2014. The first is the new Hummingbird algorithm. This changes the rules for mobile searches and according to Google it will return much more accurate mobile search results. Google says it’s called Hummingbird because the new release is precise and fast like a Hummingbird. In addition Google has changed its across the board search. Before this was only implemented when users were logged into Google, now all search traffic has an SSL for each search.

What does this all mean??? It means that if you are counting on ranking high on SEO, content will drive your ranking big time!

  1. Social Medias shift into SEO

Traditionally SEO relied heavily on inbound links and link sharing, that is all changing. In an attempt to deliver the highest and most relevant content to its users the search engines are now also looking at social media. With so many users now using social media in their daily search traffic, it is not surprising that this medium is now being looked at heavily in regard to SEO. Social media is still dominated by the big 3 Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn however don’t discount the rising starts like Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and more.

As part of a robust SEO plan, all businesses should have a social component within their overall strategy.

  1. Users are visual, use images!

Online consumers have very short attention spans and the eye is now trained to disregard the overwhelming amount of ads being shown online. Therefore your content needs to feature captivating images to entice your clients to read your content and click through your site. We are sure this does not surprise you when you consider the success of mega online social media companies such as Instagram & Pinterest which feature images only.

It is important to maximize the effectiveness in regard to SEO by properly naming your images with relevant file names and ALT tags.

  1. Mobile, it really matters!

At this point the importance of mobile is irrefutable. Everyone now uses their smart phones to browse the web, shop and research. There are now more active mobile phones than adults in the US combined.

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